The Internet is full of useful information, data, applications, and other content. Users are provided with free access to all this through their computers and smartphones. Many people are satisfied with viewing information on the Internet, but some people need to download information to their devices. Games and programs that do not work without pre-installation are subject to downloading; pictures and videos that a person wants to save for himself for a while and always have access to them even offline; movies and books that can be viewed and read without an Internet connection. A considerable number of programs have been developed to help download this content to devices, one of which is uTorrent. The presented application is a free and affordable torrent client, filled with many functions and options for working with it. Download the official version of uTorrent for free from our website.

System features

This software product works on devices with the following operating systems:

  • Windows-install the program on a computer or laptop with the Windows operating system and use all the available options of the presented utility.
  • Mac OS-download the application on a PC with Mac OS and download torrents without any problems or difficulties.
  • Android-the mobile version of the application is available to users of smartphones and tablets running the Android OS.


The presented software product is a multifunctional torrent client, which is equipped with a considerable number of useful functions and options. Advantages and features of the utility:

  • Users can download and distribute torrents using this program. Files can be of any format and size, uTorrent can handle anything.
  • There is a possibility to configure the file upload process. Set the download speed, the order of downloading, put it on pause and resume when necessary.
  • It is possible to create your own torrents.
  • View detailed information about torrents and the process of downloading them. You can analyze the consumption of your traffic while using the utility.
  • After the download is complete, you can configure a specific action: close the program or turn off the computer.
  • View the downloaded content while downloading.

uTorrent is a useful utility that should be on the device of every user who at least occasionally downloads content from the Internet to a PC, laptop, or smartphone. The application will delight you with intuitive interfaces and ease of operation. Download the free utility to your device from our website.